The English Muffin - Pullout Worksheets

The English muffin is a treasure-house of invaluable practice material for the students of VI VII and VIII. The series aims to give comprehensive practice for reading, writing and grammar.

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Creative Hands

A series of 11 books for classes Nursery - VIII

Creativity is the best way to express oneself and overcome stress. The drawing and colouring series Creative hands help children to express themselves creatively explore their artistic abilities.

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Innovative Mathematics for ICSE

Innovative Mathematics is a series of 3 text books for classes VI, VII and VIII

Mathematics is a practical subject which involves lot of problem solving, reasoning and logical thinking. The series effective entails all these features for the benefit of students.

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Sunshine is an integrated semester series for classes I-V and comprise of 10 books. The subjects covered in classes 1-II are English, Mathematics, Environmental Studies and General Knowledge and the subjects covered in classes III-V are English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and General Knowledge.

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Smart English

Smart English an ELT series for 8 consecutive grades, comprises a course book, workbook and literature reader for each grade. Language learning always puzzles a learner for which is to be attained first 'accuracy' or 'fluency'. The series has been designed to delivery both in a balanced manner.

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Modern Science and Technology

Modern Science and Technology has been designed keeping in view the curriculum requirements and latest guidelines of National Curriculum Framework. Lots of activities and demonstration facilitate active learning and equip students with problem solving skills .

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Happy Faces

Happy Faces is a comprehensive series for preschoolers that includes
* English,
* Number Work,
* Environmental Science,
* Art and Craft and
* Hindi.
We are all aware that early childhood years are most crucial for a child's holistic development. So it becomes imperative that we provide stimulating, engaging and interesting experiences to children which help them learn in a happy environment. The Happy Faces series delivers curriculum in such a way so as to make learning meaningful and long lasting.

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A Series Of 9 Books For Classes INTRO – 8

राष्ट्रीय पाठ्य... कहानी,कविता,संस्मरण आदि जैसी प्रचलित विधाओं के अतिरिक्त कार्टून, संदेश, नारे, अखबारी लेखन जैसी सामग्री का समावेश।

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What is TRC?

Someone has rightly said, “The illiterates of the 21st century will not be those who can’t read and write but those who can’t learn, unlearn and relearn.” This unlearning and relearning has taking front seat in today’s fast paced world of microchips and smart phones where the learners have access to a lot more information that the teacher can provide.

Thus teachers need to be lifelong learners. To render that possible the Teacher Resource Centre (TRCs) aims at furnishing education to teachers that will help in fine tuning of her classroom practice. TRCs provide a variety of professional support services to the teacher including workshops, seminars, and courses that not only improve their skills but also keep them updated with respect to the new trends, strategies, techniques and methods of teaching.
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For over four decades, Good Luck Publishers and Vidyarthi Prakashan have been supporting teachers through their professional developmental programs. While the organisation keeps on evolving its training programs, its core belief remains true to a single vision: learn, unlearn and relearn is a key to success.

Teachers Resource Centre always focuses upon providing best support to teachers through its multidimensional workshops, encompassing the following domains:

  • Contemporary Teaching Methodologies
  • Enriching your Subject – Early Years, English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Science, Mathematics
  • Classroom Management
  • Student Development – Time and Stress Management, Adolescent Issues and Peer pressure  
  • Leadership Program (Recommended for Principals)
  • Education Psychology 

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