Author Invitation

If you can effectively explain a concept to simplify the subject, create all immersive exercises to check knowledgebase, passionately produce the best within given timelines,  and proactively gauge the need of the hour to take first mover advantage then you qualify our criteria to be on board with us as an author.

We provide a platform to budding and established authors who would want their work to be recognized and adulated.  We would like to request you to kindly register with us by submitting an application detailing your interest of writing, qualification, experience and previously published work, if any and send it to If approved, we will get in touch with you to formalise the process.

We would like to inform you that we receive overwhelming response from authors, hence to make your stake strong, we suggest you to submit the following along with your application:

  1. Soft copy of a manuscript of a chapter suitably enriched with diagrams, graphs and schematic representations as illustration brief.

  2. Exercise portion at the end for the chapter submitted, based on the requirements of the board.

  3. Provide images/photographs in a separate folder through CD, Google Drive or Drop Box. Please ensure that the photographs provided by you are copy-right free, well captioned and appropriately labelled.

After confirmation of authorship, we offer excellent compensation along with due recognition.