To Teachers with Love

Someone has rightly said, “The illiterates of the 21st century will not be those who can’t read and write but those who can’t learn, unlearn and relearn.” This unlearning and relearning has taking front seat in today’s fast paced world of microchips and smart phones where the learners have access to a lot more information that the teacher can provide.

Thus teachers need to be lifelong learners. To render that possible the Teacher Resource Centre (TRCs) aims at furnishing  education to teachers that will help  in fine tuning of her classroom practice. TRCs provide a variety of professional support services to the teacher including workshops, seminars, and courses that not only improve their skills but also keep them updated with respect to the new trends, strategies, techniques and methods of teaching.

About us

Good Luck Publishers aims at being a major catalyst in the creation of teaching professionals who stand tall against the changing educational trends with their mental might and creative energies periodically stirred with the latest methods and techniques.

We have been conducting pan India training programs on a variety of subjects. More than 2000 teachers have completed our teacher training program, till date, counting all the way from Srinagar to Kerela to Guwahati and the results have been amazing.

We have been conducting teacher training programs for various subjects such as English, Hindi, Maths as well as elementary school teacher training programs.

These programs aim at developing different strategies that help in engaging students with interesting content and model lessons. The purpose is to facilitate teachers with creative tools for effective teaching.

A modern day teacher is not limited by her domain knowledge. She is more like a facilitator and an innovator. We train these strategist with numerous workshops and training programs that have been designed by experts. They comprise

  • Need-based  and research-based teaching
  • Content-based and pedagogy driven teaching techniques
  • Lesson planning for objective based teaching
  • Ethics and awareness exercises sprinkled everywhere in the lesson
  • Hands on, fun filled activities which are group focused
  • Planning of a lesson packed with tools to meet the desired standards of teaching
  • Periodic training for updating knowledge and teaching skills
  • Teaching without mother tongue influence
  • Getting excellent tools to handle the class efficiently

Every literate is not educated and every educated is not necessarily a literate. Wisdom, creativity, and presence of mind pervade all challenges. Involve with us, evolve with us and explore your potential of being a creative teacher, an innovator and a visionary.