"Those who educate children well are more to be honoured than they who produce them; for these only gave them life, those the art of living well." -Aristotle

Great teachers create great students. Research shows that a student’s achievement is directly proportional to the inspiration and knowledge of teachers. In the absence of a well-informed teacher, however best an infrastructure the school provides, it will fail to bring the desired results.  Hence, training and supporting teachers, whether newly recruited or experienced, holds high significance.

Having recognised this significant element of teachers’ professional development, we at Good Luck, provide a range of well-designed and innovative teachers’ training programmes and workshops along with providing quality books.

Our workshops are based on extensive case studies built on classroom experiences. We share the best practices with teachers that allow them to apply their learning in a classroom.

Our training programs are packaged to create the best learning Ecosystem. Be it teachers, students, parents or management, we cater to the needs of all stakeholders. Our vast coverage of modules for the trainings include, but are not confined to

  • Content Knowledge
  • Balanced use of technology in education
  • Creation of classroom environment that aims to develop critical thinking
  • Time management  
  • Behaviour management strategies
  • Classroom management techniques
  • Inculcating effective study skills in children
  • Innovative and contemporary methods of teaching, etc.

Workshop at Pakiza School, Indore

We, at Good Luck, feel that the early childhood educators play an important role in a child’s development. They inspire young minds, expose them to the joys of learning, and give them the foundation for lifelong success.

The emotional, social and physical development of children, at an early age has a direct impact on their overall development at later ages. That is why understanding the need to invest in very young children is so important, so as to maximize their future well-being.

We ensure that during our sessions we discuss all such teaching methodologies which help teachers in providing guidance to students to reach their maximum potential.

Workshop at Pakiza School, indore was successfully conducted by early childhood expert and author of Happy Faces Ms Ritika Grover.



Workshop on teaching Hindi at Nagarjuna High School, Hyderabad

Teachers of Nagarjuna Group of Schools enthusiastically participated in the workshop for honing their pedagogical skills in Hindi Teaching. The workshop was conducted by eminent academician and author Dr Manisha Sharma. At the beginning of the workshop she explained the need for understanding Multiple Intelligences of students. She also explained how ‘knowing the students’ will help them in designing the apt delivery style for the class. Various pedagogical elements of Hindi Language Teaching discussed were:

  1. How to improve pronunciation
  2. When to start alphabet writing
  3. How to help students to draw correct formation of the alphabet
  4. How to improve their handwriting
  5. How to prepare a question paper

Since Hindi is not the mother tongue of the students of the state, therefore methods of overcoming complexities in learning a second language were also discussed.  

Teachers enjoyed the workshop and showed their gratitude to Good Luck Publishers for arranging such a wonderful workshop.    

Workshop at Kongu Vellalar Matric Hr Sec School, Karur, Trichy

A few simple, fresh ideas can motivate students, and energize our work. Various tips for infusing new instructional strategies into the classroom were discussed at Kongu Vellalar Matric Hr Sec School, Karur. Teachers were also introduced to various elements of our books like - how we remain aligned to Board Specific Guidelines while blending elements of the latest pedagogies like Spaced Learning, Adaptive Learning and Integrated Learning.

Experiential Learning Workshop at Madhavrao Scindia Public School Bareilly

Curriculum building is a research driven process. You can’t randomly select topics without considering developmental milestones of children. Various skills of pre-primary curriculum Happy faces were discussed at Madhavrao Scindia Public School Bareilly. Teachers active participation made the workshop enthralling.  Various developmental milstones like Communication, Gross/Fine Motor Skills, Sensorial, Reasoning, Socio-emotional development, Play and exploration etc were discussed in detail.

Workshop on Effective Teaching Methods and Classroom Management in Shamli, UP

A workshop on Effective Teaching Methods and Classroom Management was conducted in Raghukul Vidyapeeth School, Garhi, Shamli, Uttar Pradesh. Various interesting teaching methods were discussed to address needs of versatile children in the classroom. Accomplished and seasoned academician Mr Manoranjan Sood briefed teachers on how to make their classroom effective using actual case studies from the classroom. The school authorities expressed their gratitude for the efforts of Good Luck publishers for their efforts for the professional development of the teachers of the school.   

Workshops on Inclusive Education, Science and Learning in Pre-Primary

Workshops on Inclusive EducationScience and Learning in Pre-Primary were conducted in Raipur in Shri Agrasen School, Balco Township School, Mother Care Nursery School, Dayanand Public School and Indus Public School Dipka. Presence of more than 175 teachers from 16 schools made the program a huge success. Teachers participated in various activities and discussed upon pedagogies, teaching, learning & assessment methodologies and subject related issues with our resource persons Niharika Sharma and Ritika Grover. The teachers and school authorities appreciated the company’s efforts and demanded more such workshops. The company was overwhelmed with the participation. It assured teachers and re-affirmed its commitment to give best to the teachers in coming years. 

Workshop on Early Years

A workshop on ‘Early Years’ was successfully conducted at the Residency Hotel, Chennai, by renowned child development expert, Ritika Grover. Presence of more than 100 teachers and principals made the program a huge success. The workshop introduced teachers to their changing roles in the present scenario and explained various modes through which they can modify their teaching style to become all-imparting facilitators.

The active participation from teachers, in various activities and interaction round showed their keenness to be in sync with the changing times. A few significant topics of discussion were:  

  • When to introduce small letters
  • Whether to teach EVS or not
  • When to introduce writing
  • Should we have cursive or print letters
  • Should we teach through strokes

Good Luck’s recently launched series Happy Faces was also showcased to the teachers. The series received rave reviews from the teachers. They adjudged this series as the first in early years education program, which in its true sense is a holistic learning series.  



Workshop on Teaching Hindi and Sanskrit

A workshop on effective teaching of Hindi and Sanskrit was conducted in Sanskriti School, Bhopal. Highly experienced resources, Mrs Bharti and Mr Bhupesh conducted the workshop. More than 70 teachers from different schools attended the workshop. Various topics that were discussed were effective teaching techniques for Hindi and Sanskrit, how to make prose (Gadya) and poetry (Kavita) interesting.

Teachers also participated in various activities, such as poster making, story writing, picture composition and slogan making. A few general topics, such as class room and time management, parents’ problems, were also discussed.

Workshop on Essentials of Book Writing for Children

Kenn Nesbit visited Chennai for conducting teacher training workshops organised by Good Luck Publishers Limited. In the workshops, he said that the most important thing for writing a book is to keep in mind the reader, their age and what they think is funny. According to him, it is the collaborative effort of the educators and parents to develop the minds of the children. He also gave a message that aspiring writers should not give up, as sometimes it is difficult to write for children. Further, he shared his work with several teachers and talked to them regarding the usage of poetry in their classrooms.

Kenn Signing Books at Full Circle Store, G.K., Delhi Addressing the teachers at Somerville School, Noida
Kenn Signing Books at Full Circle Store, G.K., Delhi Addressing the teachers at Somerville School, Noida

    About Kenn Nesbitt

Kenn Nesbitt is an award- winning children’s poet. His poems have appeared in several bestselling anthologies, including the popular series ‘Kids Pick the Funniest Poems’. His works have also been included in School textbooks across the world, and numerous children’s magazines. He has been featured in several television programmes. Kenn interacts with children in schools as well as online. His website – , is one of the most popular and visited children’s poetry websites.

Addressing the teachers at Somerville School, Noida

Addressing the Kids at American Ambassy School